Appraisal Services

The services of a qualified appraiser are an essential element in many situations.  In a real estate transaction involving a sale or lease of a real property an appraisal may be used to-

  • Help set the seller’s asking price
  • Help a buyer determine the fairness of the asking price
  • Set a value for real property  when it is a part of an estate
  • Estimate the relative values of a properties being traded
  • Set value on property involved in acquisitions, liquidations or bankruptcies
  • Help determine the amount of a mortgage loan
  • Determine building insurance value
  • Determine Market Rent

Other uses for a real estate appraisal include-

  • May assist in property insurance removal
  • Setting a gift or inheritance tax
  • Estimate remodeling  or construction costs
  • Discovering a vacant properties most profitable use
  • Determine  whether the present use of a property is its most profitable use


We can offer a limited version or letter appraisal at a fraction of the regular cost of a full appraisal services typically used for mortgage purposes. Limited appraisals can be used for determining a list or sales price or for tax purposes.

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