Property Analysis

Have you ever wanted to know if a property was a good investment? Have you ever wanted to know what to offer on a property? Have you had trouble securing financing in the past and want a better way to establish credibility with lenders?

Our Property Analysis  will show you the correct offer price on almost any type of property.Single family  homes, apartments, offices ,self storage etc.

This property investment analysis calculates several rates of return on your investment.  It puts together all the financial projections for your potential real estate investment.  The report can also be presented to potential lenders, partners and buyers.

Never over pay for a property again.  You will have a complete financial picture of your investment before ever making a decision. Save huge amounts of time and money. Establish credibility with lenders.Income report folders

The report includes, property summary, property comparison analysis, operating income and expense report. It also includes a twelve month estimated income statement, twelve month cash flow report and complete discounted cash flow analysis of the property.

The Property Project Analysis  shows you the estimated project budget and gives you a project summary for refinancing or selling your property after completion of the project.

The project summary includes several projected financial measures such as annual cash on cash return, return on equity and discount cash flow analysis.  The report can also be presented to potential lenders, partners and buyers.

Hot Springs Appraisals now offers two new property analysis reports for the home buyer, home renovator, investor or realtor. See Analyzing Your Investment